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About Me


Flor de Canela is a vivacious Latina woman who is a self-taught, degree certified artist with over 20+ years' experience in creating illustrations, graphic arts, & fine arts in various media. Her creative nature has fueled an enthusiastic passion for the arts and everything she does. Flor appreciates being a part of the vibrant and ever-growing Columbus art/cartoonist community.

In 2016, she debuted her first comic series: Stuck-Up Unicorn Comics at the Columbus Independents Day Festival, solidifying her lifelong dream of becoming a cartoonist. She has since published numerous SUUC comic strips online and put together two collections. Stuck-Up Unicorn Comics has been described as “an eclectic collection of comics, featuring Flor's insights, flights of fancy and quirky sense of humor."

Stuck-Up Unicorn Comics is published through French Toast Press, a collaboration with her husband and studio mate, Max Ink (writer/artist of the Blink graphic novel series and Thinklings auto-bio comics). Flor and Max are Creative Consultants for each other’s works, and while Max is Flor’s writer/story editor, she is his colorist/tone artist. French Toast Studios is also the entity which Flor and Max use when they create original comics together and when they collaborate on freelance and commission works.

Flor de Canela, Artist