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Gallery Piece - Max Ink

2018 Comics vs. Art

The Enigmatic Wisdom of Silence

Original painting: The Council of the Elders, By Billy Rabbit 

Art by: Max Ink

Digital Colors by: Flor de Canela ​

Max Ink's Full Statement:

Looking at Billy Rabbit’s “The Council of the Elders," I was drawn into the narrative structure on display.  Each character (or group) appears to be acting on their own accord in various functions with the chief dominating the scene in a calming, meditative quality.  It's all tied together with the perspective and colors--deep shadows and incandescent light from the fires causing the rocks of the cave to glow with bright yellows and rich reds--providing a protective warmth from the blue chill of the dark, snowy night.


I've been using comics to illustrate fictions (and some non-fictions) for nearly 40 years and although I prefer the long form comic format of graphic novels, I appreciate the occasional challenge of illustrating a narrative in a single image. I'm so grateful to collaborate on this piece with my wife & studiomate Flor de Canela; her colors ground the work in a connection to the original painting that my line work alone could never achieve.

About Comics Vs. Art Exhibit


Comics vs Art III: The Museum Edition is the continued playful exploration of classical art through the lens of graphic artists.


This was the 3rd year for the Columbus Comics vs Art exhibit (The Museum Edition), a playful exploration of classical art through the lens of cartoonists and graphic artists.


Wild Goose Creative exhibited original works of art from Central Ohio cartoonists and comic book loving artists for the third Comics vs Art exhibit, curated by Canada Keck. Artists contributing to this exhibit will playfully re-imagine fine art paintings as comic art. This year the catalog of works to choose from is largely comprised of American artists, many with ties to Ohio, who represent the wide diversity of a nation of immigrants.



The curator, Canada Keck, once again challenged over 40 artists to look at selected paintings (this time from the permanent collection of Columbus Museum of Art) and reinterpret them as comic art. There were 56 pieces of art created for this exhibit, all inspired by the permanent collection of the Columbus Museum of Art. These fantastic, fun pieces include ones done by comics creators, fine artists, and youth of the Star House Foundation. The Wild Goose Creative Gallery exhibited these original works in September 2018, coinciding with the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC).


Curator Statement:

For the third Comics vs Art exhibit, Canada chose “Variations on a Theme” and allowed multiple artists to reinterpret fine art paintings as comic art. In selecting the paintings to be reinterpreted, Canada focused on American artists, particularly those with an Ohio connection and/or who are more representative of the variations among us. Canada endeavored to have a much greater diversity of artists, by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and outsider status. Canada wanted to celebrate the amazing diversity we have because we are really all immigrants.

This event is supported by Ohio Arts CouncilGreater Columbus Arts Council and The Columbus Foundation. We would not be able to do it without them!